Wirecash API

Create an order

An order is a request to purchase one or more products. Orders can be created, retrieved, updated and deleted using the Order resource.

POST | https://api.wirecash.com/v1/orders


Body params

String | currency

This is the currency set for the order. You can find all accepted currencies [here](doesnt exist yet)

Array of objects | items

This is the items purchased by the customer.

String | shipping

Shipping cost of the order.


  currency: 'USD',
  items: [
      name: 'Item name',
      description: 'Item description',
      amount: '4.99',
      image: 'https://assets.w.cash/icons/request.png',
      quantity: '1'
  shipping: '0'


String | Wirecash-Auth

Secret key of your merchant entity.

List all fiat currencies